• Daily Consultation         –         Outpatients Service                   8:00am to 8:00pm

 -          Emergencies                             All Hours

  • Primary / Preventive Clinics

ü  Diabetes Mellitus

ü  Hypertension

ü  Metabolic Disease

ü  Asthma

  • General Surgery (Primary Care)
  • Other Preventive Care Clinics
  • National / Public Health intervention Programs;    Port Medical Centre is an accredited centre of the National TB, HIV and Malaria Control Programs.
  • In-patient care; 40 beds Facility; 4 beds in General Wards to 1 bed in Special Amenity Wards
  • Maternity and Child Care
    • Delivery Services
    • Elective Caesarean Section
    • Primary care for Neonates and Children
  • Cancer Screening Clinics
  • Pap smear and Prostatic Specific Antigen Screening